Terri & Ken

We were pretty frustrated and getting pretty skeptical that there was anyone out there that could help our dog. We saw The Great Canadian Dog Academy ad on Facebook and began to research them. We had a really good feeling that they were very different from any of the methods and people that we had tried. We took the leap of faith and went to the seminar and workshop. WOW! We were completely blown away with the amount of valuable information that we learned and the progression that our dog experienced. Most importantly this system easily translated back to our home into our everyday life and our dog is now much improved. We learned 100 times more and progressed 100 times more than all of the other trainers combined. We now see the vast difference between a dog trainer and a Dog Psychology & Behaviour Modification Expert. We are now believers and have recommended this to our friends and family.
Thank you so much for showing us how to have our dog be a stress free balanced dog again!