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We are NOT DOG TRAINERS. At The Great Canadian Dog Academy, we are professional Dog Psychology & Behaviour Modification Experts.

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At The Great Canadian Dog Academy, you will see what makes us different from the start. Our dog training experts are masters of Dog Psychology and Behaviour Modification.

When looking at dog trainers in Edmonton, you will quickly find that although they share a passion for dogs, the majority will advocate one of the two primary methods of dog training – The Force Approach or Positive Reinforcement.

Both ways can be adequate in training a dog in basic activities like obedience and agility, but a genuinely useful Dog Trainer will know how to teach dogs through repetition.


Over the last 15 years we have helped to rehabilitate over 4800 dogs. All dogs were 80-90% improved in 2-4 days.

Traditional Dog Trainers go through their entire careers by implementing Human Psychology. A Dog Psychology & Modification Expert will have a detailed understanding of Dog Psychology, Animal Theory & Canine Language.

Equally, we are highly-skilled at educating the owners. You work side-by-side with your dog and us so that when we step out of the equation, you have a complete understanding of why your dog is exhibiting negative behaviours and the strategies on how to resolve them. More importantly, we provide you with an approach on how to prevent those negative behaviours in the future.

Dog Psychology & Modification Expert Dog Training In Edmonton

As a graduate of The Great Canadian Dog Academy, you will have had an intense 6 to 8 hours of theory covering a dog’s psychology & body language before working with the dog itself begins. You will leave with the skills to adopt effective communication and a successful relationship with your dog base on the solid foundation of mutual trust and mutual respect.

Dog Psychological Profile

#1 Ranked Dog Psychology & Dog Behaviour Modification Expert in Western Canada

Dog Psychological Profile


(1 - 9)   Moderate confusion / stress / anxiety - potential dominance
             Save up for moderate Vet bills and remove 2-3 years off life span

(10-30) Extreme stress / anxiety / out of balance & unhealthy / potential dominance
             This dog is desperately communicating that they are in need of help
             Fix dog or Save up $1000's for Vet bills and remove 3-4 years off