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Dog Psychological Profile

Please be as detailed and honest as possible when completing a Dog Psychological Profile so that we can help you determine if your dog qualifies for this very specialized training.

My name is Dean Audet and through my many years of specializing in resolving dog’s behaviour issues, I’ve developed this Psychological Profile for Dogs. It assists us in learning the state of mind that your dog is in and it puts some big pieces of the puzzle into place. Once we receive this form, we will review and assess it and then send you our recommendations as to the best way for you to proceed in your specific situation.

Dog Psychological Profile

#1 Ranked Dog Psychology & Dog Behaviour Modification Expert in Western Canada

Dog Psychological Profile


(1 – 9)   Moderate confusion / stress / anxiety – potential dominance
             Save up for moderate Vet bills and remove 2-3 years off life span

(10-30) Extreme stress / anxiety / out of balance & unhealthy / potential dominance
             This dog is desperately communicating that they are in need of help
             Fix dog or Save up $1000’s for Vet bills and remove 3-4 years off