Dean was born in 1963 and has enjoyed a dedicated life to helping people that are passionate about their dogs, passionate about learning and passionate about ensuring that their dogs have every possibility of a happy, healthy, stress free, balanced life. He has authored a Dog Psychology book.

Most clients feel; stressed, frustrated, embarrassed, fearful, worried at the end of their rope and wondering if a solution even exists. Many are skeptical because they have already tried many attempts such as internet research and professional dog trainers. Dean Audet is not a dog trainer. He is a Dog Psychology & Behaviour Modification Expert, which is actually at the opposite end of the spectrum of skill sets from dog trainers.

There is nobody in Western Canada that teaches humans and resolves behaviours to the extent that The Great Canadian Dog Academy does. All dog’s behaviour issues 80-90% improved in 2-4 days.

He has rehabilitated over 4800 dogs in the last 14 years alone and has not found a dog’s behaviour issues that he could not fix. His customers have given him the nickname “The Canadian Cowboy Dog Whisperer”. His dreams revolve around his beautiful wife, 4 children and 15 dogs (13 Labs, 1 German Shepherd & 1 Border Collie).

Thousands of dog owners, professional dog trainers, veterinarians, vet techs, groomers, and boarding facilities across Western Canada have sent the hardest cases to The Great Canadian Dog Academy when nobody else could resolve their behaviour issues. All dog’s behaviour issues are resolved with approximately 80-90% improvement within 2-4 days!

For years, families have been begging The Great Canadian Dog Academy to come to their town and help them and they have been thrilled with the results!