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In dog years Dean Audet should be dead already! He grew up with many farming & ranching experiences and a love of dogs & horses. He learned about animals from many old cowboy heroes in his life. His fascination with dogs always had him playing with dogs, working with dogs and smelling like dogs. He very carefully watched how they functioned, how they were inter-dependent and how they communicated. He has been very fortunate on several occasions to observe wolves. It was during this time that the lights finally came on and the parallels were drawn.

He has worked with many reputable trainers over the years that he has collected great knowledge and experience from. He later took university sociology and psychology classes which were also fascinating.  He has tried many things but his life has gone to the dogs! Through his natural desire to help people and his passionate study of dogs, he now applies his own unique brand of “COWBOY LOGIC” and dog psychology to assist people with their dog’s behavior issues. He has assisted 1000’s of families to solve their dog’s behaviour issues and lead a more happy, stress free, balanced life.

The system that he teaches has been passed down from generation to generation and has been taught for many years prior to any dog training school in the country being in existence. If you are looking for fancy letters behind a person’s name, Dean’s name is synonymous with R-E-S-U-L-T-S. He was born in 1963 and has been working with animals for many, many years. Over 4800 dogs rehabilitated and 100’s and 100’s have been saved from being put down.

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The romantic image of how the West was won has always pulled at our heartstrings. It’s the thought of adventure, love, and hardworking cowboys that tamed the west and carved out a place in our imaginations. The cowboy’s 6 shooter and rope were his tools, but his horse and dog were his partners for life.

He loved his horse & dog almost more than his best girl. They learned to communicate with the animals they worked with. They were the original horse and dog whisperers. We are fortunate to have that heritage and wealth of knowledge passed down to us through Dog Psychology & Dog Behaviour Expert, Dean Audet and The Great Canadian Dog Academy. This cowboy logic is what the Dog Academy is based on….. making it easy for you to understand your dog’s language and dog psychology, and working together with you to correct your dog’s negative behaviours.

His passion is traveling Western Canada assisting passionate dog owners with their dog’s behaviour issues. He is a natural teacher and his stories illustrate well the details of the dog’s language and how they think. His dreams revolve around his family and their many dogs.

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