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Humans have language verbal and non-verbal. In some cases both can be clear or un-clear. Dogs have a similar detailed and complex language. If we do not acknowledge or understand this language we will not be able to have the privileged intimate relationship with our dogs that many of us are striving for.  If we do not understand the language, we could be triggering negative behaviours without realizing it. In many cases dog psychology is opposite to human psychology. From our human perspective when we apply human psychology we wonder why it isn’t working? Dogs have a different set of needs than humans. If their needs are not met then they are out of balance.

There was a gentleman that was in construction and did a lot of business in China & Japan. At first he did not have time to learn the language and culture so he hired a translator. There were many instances where he offended people without realizing it because he did not understand their ways. He learned the hard way and he learned quickly as he lost many contracts. He then invested in learning the language and culture so that he could have successful relationships.

With this “COWBOY LOGIC” training system you will learn the detailed language, dog psychology and the steps required to fulfil the needs of your dog so that you have a safe, happy, balanced dog. (Ask why it’s called the “COWBOY LOGIC” training system.)

If this system is followed, it will successfully address ALL behavior issues.


HYPERACTIVE = Jumping up / spinning / destructive chewing / digging (over excitement does NOT equal happiness)

ANXIETY = Barking / whining / scratching / pacing / destruction

AGGRESSION = Towards dogs or people / lunging towards other dogs or people / fear biting / possessive (food, toys, people)

FIXATION = Cat / ball / light / shadow (Symptoms – tense body and ignores everything else)

LOW SELF-ESTEEM = Fear of anything and everything (Symptoms – freeze up and constantly cowering and or running away)

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