Autism Support Dogs

*** These dogs can and have been used as support dogs for other areas as well ***

The Great Canadian Dog Academy has been training balanced dogs for many years.

Service Dog

The definition of a balanced dog is a very full definition.
The dogs are basically expected to be bomb proof in all situations.

They are expected to be;

* Calm and under control
* Quiet and well behaved
* Confident in their abilities
* Nurturing as a companion
* Discrete in public
* House broken
* Solid on recall, heel, sit & down in all and any situation
* Confident walking on various surfaces and in all weather
* Well mannered in crowds, other dogs & traffic
* No barking, pulling on leash, never over excited or nervous
* No jumping up on people or dogs, no aggression

Benefits of Balanced Support Dogs include:Service Dog

– Reduced stress and anxiety (dogs naturally have this affect on humans)
– Encouraged social interaction and acceptance
– Naturally increased responsibility skills for child/handler
– Supported daily living skills
– Improved quality of life for families by spending more time in the community and participating in various activities
What training the family & handler receive:

Complete Dog Psychology & Behaviour Modification Seminar & Workshop

– This is critical learning and is the solid foundation to everything else that you will accomplish and encounter with your dog.
– You will learn what your dog has learned and how the dog has learned to encounter the following;

#1 Obedience inside vehicle before unloading
#2 Obedience outside the vehicle after unloading
#3 Heel position when approaching the building or through parking lot
#4 Calmness around traffic
#5 Obedient stop before entering doorway
#6 Obedience before entering doorway
#7 Obedience going through doorway
#8 Obedience after entering doorway
#9 Heeling inside building
#10 No soliciting public attentionService Dog
#11 Adjusting to speed changes
#12 Adjusting to changes in direction
#13 Obedience through narrow/ tight areas
#14 Obedience through crowds
#15 Six-foot recall on-leash: Command
#16 Six-foot recall on-leash: Control
#17 Six-foot recall on-leash: Distance
#18 Six-foot recall on-leash: Direction
#19 Sit command
#20 Sit command next to plate of food
#21 Sit command while shopping cart passes
#22 Sit command while being petted by stranger
#23 Down command
#24 Down command with food dropped on floor
#25 Down command while child approaches
#26 Noise distraction (drop various and loud objects around dog)
#27 Behaviour in restaurant
#28 Ignoring food in restaurantService Dog
#29 Off-leash obedience
#30 Human aggression test
#31 Obedience before exiting doorway
#32 Obedience going through doorway during exit of building
#33 Obedience after exiting the building
#34 Calm around traffic after exiting building
#35 Obedient stop after exiting building
#36 Dog aggression test
#37 Public transit test
#38 Obedient load into vehicle
#39 Team relationship & knowledge of access rights
#40 How to care for your Dog


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