Dean Audet is the #1 Ranked Dog Psychology & Dog Behaviour Modification Expert in Western Canada


Learn how to resolve your dog’s behaviour issues or avoid them!

The Great Canadian Dog Academy are teachers. As the student, your success is ultimately in your hands. This system is designed for people that are serious and passionate about their dog’s psychological and physical well being. The students that have the greatest level of success are the ones that decide in advance, to be humble, 100% learn & buy into the system and 100% implement it with their dogs. They are the ones that have significant progress and long term success with their dogs.

* Puppy Training    * Pull on Leash        * Jumping Up * Barking          *Digging

*Destructive Behaviour * Dog Aggression          * Human Aggression       * Fixation

The Dog Academy specializes in customizing to your needs and teaching you the detailed dog psychology and dog language so that you can properly read your dog. You will learn how to identify your dog’s negative behaviour triggers and strategies to correct all negative behaviours. All dog behaviour issues can be addressed. ALL dogs welcome! Puppy classes – How to Raise a Puppy Right, Obedience & Learn to avoid behaviour issues in the future!



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